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Hey y'all! Mi nombre es Cassandra, la cara bonita behind CGARZA ARTE. I was born & raised in the Rio Grande Valley (Puro 956). I attended the University of Iowa, where I graduated in 2017 with a B.A. in Studio Arts. During my years at Iowa I dabbled in murals, custom graduation caps, mini art displays, t-shirt designs, paintings, flyers, todo. Ya sabes. Tengo mi arte permanente en the Latino Native American Cultural Center en la Universidad de Iowa. Check it out!

I've been a creative soul desde chiquita, and all I ever did was create things: I bake, craft, draw, paint, and reimagine. My art embodies Texas, Mexican, and Latinx culture. Basically all that I am. Soy el paquete completo. Here, we celebrate all things Latinx, all day every day. All items are hand drawn, hand painted, and created with my two hands. My art has been described by others as "a love story of our culture."

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